Nadia Bartel opens up to Stellar on split with former AFL star Jimmy Bartel

"I was at the hardest point in my life." Nadia Bartel on her split from husband Jimmy.

"I was at the hardest point in my life." Nadia Bartel on her split from husband Jimmy.
Nadia Bartel

The Brownlow Medallist and his new flame are now open about their relationship, while Nadia was left hearing from social media trolls who told her Jimmy had upgraded.

It took a toll. "Being from Melbourne, football is so big here," she explained. "I was used to the negative attention I get in my situation. I do put things on social media, so I've put myself out there ...
"(But) I was at the hardest point in my life and then to have articles written that weren't true, and to have hundreds of hate (comments) on Instagram and the continual pounding ... it was difficult.

"Just because (you) date or are married to a sportsperson, people think you're fair game; you can say whatever you want. If you look at any other industry, do you critique their partner like that?"

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Fashionista and mother-of-two Nadia Bartel has revealed the personal toll of her public split from ex-Geelong star Jimmy.

Opening up to discuss the split for the first time, the business owner and social media influencer told Stellar: "This is never what I thought would happen."
Asked for any particular reason for the breakdown of their five-year marriage, Bartel demurred before admitting: "Every day is tough."

The days and weeks after the split went public included Nadia having to endure Australia discovering Jimmy had moved on with another woman, Lauren Mand.